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I Want to Get Healthy – Where do I Start?


The “How” is simple! It’s actually doing what you know you need to that is hard. But in case you don’t know where to begin, here is a little cheat sheet for you.

If you are overweight

les-mills-combatOne of the most important things, in case you are overweight, is to have a strong heart. That means you need to have a strong cardio training. CARDIO mixed with strength training, clean eating and shakeology daily! P90X, Turbofire, Insanity, Les Mills Combat, Focus T25 and ChaLEAN Extreme are my favorite programs to achieve great weight loss results while gaining sexy muscle!

If you are skinny fat

First things come first! You need to build muscle! You need to squat my friend! You need to avoid sugar and up the protein big time! The absolute best option for you is Body Beast, P90X and ChaLEAN extreme are also great choices! Choose any of these and you will see results!

If you are in a funk and struggle to eat right

You need a clean eating detox program that will teach you a new lifestyle, help implement new habits, and set the “RESET” button on your health. It’s a fresh start and is perfect to jumpstart a new fitness program. The Ultimate Reset is a 21-day clean eating bootcamp that comes with supplements to aid the flushing of toxins (gently) from your system. If a clean eating bootcamp sounds too intimidating right now, start with shakeology alone.

eat right

Replace one meal a day with shakeology, and you will begin to see a weight loss fast. I recommend every one of my clients drink shakeology each day to achieve optimum results and to be the healthiest they have been in their life. I get asked the question a lot, “Is this shake full of synthetic ingredients?” NO!! The reason I became a Coach is because of the purity and awesomeness of this shake. Shakeology is very popular these days so you should read about it.

Something you also need to consider is what your specific body type is, this is VERY important to know. In case you are not sure about what kind of body type you are, we suggest you reading on the Internet and gathering knowledge that will be useful later. Even better would be to consult with the professionals.

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