What Exactly Is Shakeology?


Today we can find a lot of different “potions” that are designed to be good for your body and help you to improve the overall condition of your body. These days, a thing called Shakeology is in big demand. You may or may not have heard of Shakeology. Those who have heard of it, probably wonder if it is a protein shake full of crazy supplements and drugs that cause you to lose weight and gain muscle. Well, it’s not full of steroids, its not full of anything artificial or harmful, it is basically pure health in a glass. Now, let’s try to clear things up a little bit before you decide to go with Shakeology.

Healthy snack – not meal

They advertise it and suggest that you drink it as a “Meal Replacement” shake, but I find it more effective as a healthy snack alternative. It is full of about $40 worth of vegetables and fruits and chock full of protein and of a variety of “Superfoods” (those Foods you hear Dr.Oz and Self Magazine talking about that are unusual, hard to find, and full of antioxidants)…and that’s it. No artificial flavors or additives, just pure, yummy goodness. Oh, and the  ”yummy” part is my opinion. Some people hate the taste, and I personally think those people are nuts.


lose-some-weightYou can lose some weight

The cool thing about Shakeology (besides the benefits!) is something called the “Bottom of the Bag Guarantee”, which means you have 30 days for a full refund if you decide you do not like it. So, why not try it out and see what you think? It’s a no risk purchase, and it just may help you lose a lot of weight, gain tons of energy, and feel a lot better all around. I think a better quality of life is very worth $120 per month, because it makes me SO much more effective and happy in other areas of my life. I definitely recommend it on a daily basis!

Spread the word

chocolate-shakeTry it out for yourself! If you don’t like it, return it for a full refund and go back to drinking whatever crap you drank before! No harm done, and you got to try something new! Oh! AND, unlike other health shakes, you have the opportunity to make your money back and earn cash by recommending it to others and getting a generous profit of their purchase. To learn more about how to take part in earning income with Beachbody through recommending their products, (P90X, Insanity, Turbofire, Shakeology, P90X Results and Recovery drink, etc.) You cannot get any better – use it, improve your body, recommend it and earn money!

I Want to Get Healthy – Where do I Start?


The “How” is simple! It’s actually doing what you know you need to that is hard. But in case you don’t know where to begin, here is a little cheat sheet for you.

If you are overweight

les-mills-combatOne of the most important things, in case you are overweight, is to have a strong heart. That means you need to have a strong cardio training. CARDIO mixed with strength training, clean eating and shakeology daily! P90X, Turbofire, Insanity, Les Mills Combat, Focus T25 and ChaLEAN Extreme are my favorite programs to achieve great weight loss results while gaining sexy muscle!

If you are skinny fat

First things come first! You need to build muscle! You need to squat my friend! You need to avoid sugar and up the protein big time! The absolute best option for you is Body Beast, P90X and ChaLEAN extreme are also great choices! Choose any of these and you will see results!

If you are in a funk and struggle to eat right

You need a clean eating detox program that will teach you a new lifestyle, help implement new habits, and set the “RESET” button on your health. It’s a fresh start and is perfect to jumpstart a new fitness program. The Ultimate Reset is a 21-day clean eating bootcamp that comes with supplements to aid the flushing of toxins (gently) from your system. If a clean eating bootcamp sounds too intimidating right now, start with shakeology alone.

eat right

Replace one meal a day with shakeology, and you will begin to see a weight loss fast. I recommend every one of my clients drink shakeology each day to achieve optimum results and to be the healthiest they have been in their life. I get asked the question a lot, “Is this shake full of synthetic ingredients?” NO!! The reason I became a Coach is because of the purity and awesomeness of this shake. Shakeology is very popular these days so you should read about it.

Something you also need to consider is what your specific body type is, this is VERY important to know. In case you are not sure about what kind of body type you are, we suggest you reading on the Internet and gathering knowledge that will be useful later. Even better would be to consult with the professionals.

How To Gain From These 3 Exercise Equipments


Ever saw a curiously-shaped wiggly barbell at the gym? Well they’re called the EZ curl bars . A number of iron pumpers would prefer to make use of EZ curl bars for different curling exercises. They constantly involve the biceps. The EZ curl bar is an alternative of the barbell which has been exploited constantly for upright rows, lying triceps extensions and bicep curls.

EZ curl bar

Enabling the user’s forearms and wrists to use a less supinated and more neutral position is the curled shape of the bar in the grip area. This lessens the possibility of recurring stress impairments in these trainings or exercise programmes. From another perspective, when carrying out the biceps curl using an EZ curl bar, it avoids complete slimming down of the biceps, which can only happen with the wrist totally supinated, and may create a less successful work out as a consequence.

Gymnastic ring

gymnastic-ringsIf you’re an obsessive fan of martial-arts movies and you are electrified by the self defense practitioners and you have dreamed about becoming one yourself, add gym rings coaching to your exercise routine. Gymnastic rings can be of aid in making your chest and shoulders muscles and endurance stronger which is important for martial artists.

Suppleness is also very important and gymnastic rings can help you with your pliability. The most basic practice in martial-arts coaching is splitting. On gymnastic rings, you can practice on your splitting by performing leg front splits. You can fundamentally do anything on a gymnastic ring. They can make you and your body just right for selfdefense skills.


Competition kettlebells

Competition kettlebells are good for both home and commercial function. They’re excellent for cardiovascular exercises and all-in-one strength. These competition kettlebells are ideal for a number of men with great kettlebell/resistance training experience and are looking out for a more strong coaching or exercise at home, outside or professionally. It is really high, pro standard quality with a smooth steel handle. These kettlebells can get your heart pumping and exercise your whole body with intense experience as they work on a convincing range of muscles and make it really tough and firm. Competition kettlebells are perfect for throws, jerks, rotary swings, squats, cleans, snatches and a great deal more. It is made of a steel shell with an unpainted handle. All weights have the same sizes and have a 35mm diameter handle.


A number of iron pumpers would like to utilize EZ curl bars for different curling exercises. They constantly involve the biceps. From another viewpoint, when carrying out the biceps curl using an EZ curl bar, it avoids complete slimming down of the biceps, which can only happen with the wrist fully supinated, and may build a less successful work out as a result. If you are an obsessive fan of fighting skills films and you are inspired by the martial arts enthusiasts and you’ve dreamed about becoming one yourself, add gym rings training to your exercise routine.


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